Knob Secure™ - Closet door hardware for loose bifold door knobs

Licensed Builder - Jeff: I installed Knob Secure spacers in a home last week and the lady was so pleased with how it fixed the door knob.  I have used Knob Secure since 2008 and it has made my business a notch above my competition.  Thanks again from MI.


East Shore Productions is a leader in the creation, production and distribution of quality educational programming.  They recently produced a series that focused on new home improvement products, including the Knob Secure spacers.

Click here to view the video.  It may have been broadcast in your area as it was viewed by audiences all across the US and Canada.


Murray Gula is an icon in the world of home improvement and has been helping consumers for nearly three decades.  He has hosted radio shows and provided many listeners with solid home improvement advise.

Murray states, "Invention of the Year...A Simple Fix for a problem that has plagued the bi-fold industry since it's inception, why didn't I think of this?"



Michael King, The Cajun Contractor broadcasts from New Orleans where he shares his expertise with over 600,000 listeners each week end.  You can call him with your questions at (888) 454-3378 or access his web site and listen to his pod casts at www.hometalkusa.com.

Michael King, The Cajun Contractor, at www.hometalkusa.com, saw the Knob Secure product at the 2008 National Hardware Show.  He immediately recognized the value of the product and stated, "This is the answer to the age old problem of loose bi-fold door knobs, I do not know of any product that attempts to fix the problem with the engineered approach of the Knob Secure spacer."


Glenn Haege, America's Master Handyman

Glenn was also exposed to the Knob Secure spacer at the 2008 National Hardware Show after which he posted an article, on his website, and stated, "PLR Solutions, LLC, another Michigan group (from Clarkston) developed an ingenious plastic cylinder that holds the knob fast. Easy step-by-step directions are on the web site. The fix is inexpensive and only takes a couple of minutes to install."


 Lon Grossman, President of Technihouse Inspections Inc. and a columnist for Observer & Eccentric newspaper.  He is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors and the National Association of Home Inspectors.

Lon likes to write articles about new inventions and products within the home improvement industry.  In the Observer & Eccentric newspaper on November 22, 2009, his article "Some new products to make life easier," states,


"Q: I have hollow bi-fold doors in my house.  A couple of the knobs pulled through the doors.  How can I repair the small hole and replace the knob?


A: You're in luck.  A Michigan native, Paul Rubel, invented your solution.  The product is called Knob Secure. 


This incredible easy to install product basically transforms a hollow door into a solid one where you need it to be, which is at the point of pressure and tension."


Keith Paul, It's Your Home.  Keith is a radio talk show host for WAAM Talk - AM 1600 in Ann Arbor, MI. 

He commented, "I have installed Knob Secure in my home and it really locks the knob to the door.  I also own properties and you can buy the product in volume for maintenance purposes." He also owns HandyPro Handyman Service, www.handypro.com a national home improvement franchise business with locations in Batton Rouge, LA, Dallas, TX, Minneapolis, MN and Plymouth, MI.


Keith is focused on the simple solutions and solving home improvement needs utilizing "Green" techniques.  I was interviewed by him during a broadcast from the 2009 Canton, MI Home Improvement Expo where he stated, "The Knob Secure spacer is so unique.  To my knowledge it is the first and only engineered solution for this age old problem within bi-fold doors."


Dr. Joe Gagnon, The Appliance Doctor.  Joe is a radio talk show host for WAAM Talk - AM1600 in Ann Arbor, MI.

Although Joe is an expert in small appliance repair, he has an in depth knowledge of the general home improvement needs.  As a result of him seeing the Knob Secure product at the Home Improvement Expo in Farmington Hills, MI, he felt compelled to introduce the product to his audience.  I had the pleasure of airing on his show in February 2008.  He has informed me that he continues to have his audience ask him how to fix their loose knobs and is thankful to be able to refer them to the Knob Secure spacer as the only true solution. 



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