Knob Secure™ - Closet door hardware for loose bifold door knobs

Corrects a Common Problem, Using an American Product 

Knob Secure is a product that corrects loose door handles on bi-fold doors. Most bi-fold doors are constructed with an open space (hollow-core) between the front and back panels. Knob Secure provides a way to have a secure installation of the door knob.


"If it's a bi-fold door, it has a loose knob"


Simple to Install

The nylon spacer that is available through PLR Solutions, LLC, can be installed within a few minutes by anyone, even someone who feels they have no technical abilities. The installation process will take less than five minutes per door. It requires only the use of a drill motor, drill bit and screwdriver (see Installation Page).


Avoid Expensive Maintenance Problems


Whether you own or manage real estate, or are a homeowner, the issue of loose door knobs in hollow core bi-doors is one of your most annoying and expensive maintenance concerns. The Knob Secure spacer provides a simple solution that will permanently stabilize the loose door knob and stop or eliminate future damage to the door.


How It Works - How to Install (Installation Page).


Stabilizing the knob is accomplished by creating a compression fit between the end of the spacer, the front door panel and the door knob. Anyone can install the spacer in five minutes using a 1/2" diameter twist drill bit, drill motor and a screwdriver. The benefit of using the Knob Secure spacer is in the elimination of damage to the door, thereby avoiding future door replacement costs. The damage can be minimized on existing doors and avoided altogether if included in all new bi-fold door installations.

The Knob Secure spacer is the only known solution that will stabilize the loose door knob and eliminate additional door damage while providing flexibility in replacing or upgrading the door knobs.




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