Knob Secure™ - Closet door hardware for loose bifold door knobs

Karen-ID (31Jan24) Earlier this month I ordered a set of Knob Secure parts, they were very easy to install and I was surprised at how they fixed the loose knobs.  Today, I ordered a second package to fix the balance of the loose knobs in our bi-fold doors.  I can't thank you enough for making available this solution.


David-FL (26Oct23) Wow, we finally discovered a solution for our loose door knobs.  Every unit within our condo complex has at least six bi-fold doors and we have shared your product with our association.


Lisa-PA (26May23) I loved the video on how to fix loose bi-fold door knobs.  We ordered the product and it has resolved our door knob issue.


Tanya-WA (10Feb23) Thanks to our neighbor's recommendation, we ordered the Knobsecure spacers and have finally been able to fix our loose bi-fold door knobs.


Van-WA (20Jan23) We have been so frustrated with the bi-fold door knobs always being loose.  Your product fixed our problem and they were so easy to install.  We have shared your website with our entire apartment complex.


Matthew-AK (14Dec2022) The Knobsecure spacer is a quality product that was easy to install. Great solution for a problem that everyone seems to have. Highly recommended!


Brooke-MI (23Aug2022) We found the Knobsecure product on your web site, ordered the product and the installation was very simple.  We also enjoyed your website video on the installation process.


Debby-HI (04Apr2022) We were pleased on how quickly we received the spacers, we are in Hawaii.  They resolved our problem, thanks for developing such a wonderful product.


Christopher-CO (07Mar2022) I was surprised in how easy it was to install the spacers.  What a clever solution to fix the loose door knobs.


Janusz-IL (02Oct2021) I have had the spacers in my doors for several months. The door knobs are as tight as the day we installed them. I would recommend anyone to use the Knob Secure spacers.


Larry-AZ & CT (22July2021) Just a brief note to say that I have rec'd both orders and to say how pleased I am with the Knob Secure product. After fighting with loose knobs on our bi-fold doors for some time. I found your product the perfect solution. They worked exactly as advertised and were extremely simple to install. Thank you again for the perfect fix. 


Joyce-Aloha, OR (10May2021) Got the knobsecure product and have installed them.  They worked so well that I have notified the apartment complex residents on how they can fix their loose knobs.


Christell-Edmonton, AB, CAN (25Mar2021) I am so thankful that you ship to Canada.  I have been so frustrated with the loose knobs and how they were going to distroy the door.  They were simple to install and fixed my problem.


Pat-Bent Mountain, VA (03Feb2021) Just received and installed the knob secure on my hollow core doors.Just wanted to say they work great! No more loose knobs! So thanks!

Bill-Columbus, OH (09Aug2020) Knob Secure is a quality product that was easy to install. Great solution for a problem that everyone seems to have. Highly recommended!




Sandra - Lemont, IL (20Apr2020) We have been home due to the COVID Pandemic and looking for improvement projects.  We ordered the Knob Secure spacers, installed them as a trial.  They worked so well that we had to reorder to finish the job.  Thanks for the solution.


Randy - Covington, LA (21Sept2019) Thanks for the quick service in filling and shipping the order.  I found it very easy to install the parts and everything works great.


Glen - North Potomac, MD (21Jan2019) Wow, what a easy fix for a troublesome issue I have had since the doors were installed.


Jim- Charleston WV (17Aug2018) I am so pleased with the KnobSecure product.  I had several bi-fold doors with loose knobs and this product was so simple to install.  I can't believe how much difference it is to open and close the doors.


Debbie - Cobden CAN (21Apr2018) Would you please post this endorsement on your website.
I had new bi-fold doors installed in our bathroom. I installed the knobs and found they wouldn't tighten up. Since the doors are hollow the panels were just drawing together.
I purchased the Knob Secure spacers and now the knobs are tight and were easy to install. Great product! I would highly recommend them to anyone that is having trouble with loose closet door knobs!


Mary - Calgary CAN (13Jan2018) I am so thankful that I found your product.  It solved our problem and I am so pleased that you have made it available to Canada.


Julie - DE (22Sept2017) I had twelve nasty loose door knobs and was very skeptical on being able to fix them.  Your product is amazing, I will surely share with my friends.


Brian - CO (12July2017) I am so pleased with this product.  It was so easy to install and has totally fixed the loose knobs.


Jamey - FL (08Feb2017) I ordered one set of parts to try them.  They worked so well that I had to order two additional sets to complete the project.  What an improvement, the knobs are now tight and secure.


Kristina - OR (10Dec2016) Perfectly solved the problem of loose knobs on our hollow core doors.  Great service from seller.  Thank you!


Trey - MN (15 Aug 16) I was looking on the internet to find a product like this & it works just as I hoped!  If it didn't work, then so be it, it's only 6 bucks.  I just bought a home and they bored a hollow core bifold way too big, a little over a half inch.  Slipped this gu into it and bam! a loose/wobbly knob became a sturdy/reliable knob.


Richard - PA (01April2016) Items exactly as shown on the Amazon site.  I installed these in my bifold doors and I no longer suffer from loose doorknobs.  Great product and easy to install.  I would buy this again!


Jeremy - OH (13Nov2015) The instructions you provided were helpful.  The installation of your system with the dummy knobs went well.


Jim - OH (11Aug 15) Thanks for your product, and thanks for all your information. I have one spacer left and plan on showing it to all my neighbors. Knob secure is an inexpensive solution to a problem that drove me crazy.


James - PA (01Sept2015) Thanks!  This is what I've been looking for sometime to fix one of my closet doors with a dummy lever handle.  Guess I'll upgrade the other closet doors also so I don't have to worry about this again.


Chris - MI (18July2014) Glad I discovered your product. Hoping to save money and not replace 2 bifolds. Such a genius idea!


Dave - Ont, CAN (05 Jun 14) Picked up this product via a phone call directly to PLR after seeking help for wobbly bi-fold door knobs online.  After a quick chit chat, confirmed that they appeared to fit the need and, for the money, figured what the heck, give them a try.  Excellent communication on confirmation of item shipped and no trouble with Custom at the border.  Simple photo and text directions made install in four sets of double doors a snap with the total job completed in less than 30 minutes.  What else can I say...other than they performed as advertised!  Best money spent in a long time! Tx PLR


Joe - KY (10May2014) Hey Paul...thanks for sending your knob secure product. I've already installed it on a couple of doors...nice product, it's simple to install and works, can't ask for anything more.  I do some remolding for people around town here and I know I can use it on their doors.


Judy - MI (07May2014) Good morning Paul—We had purchased these before so my husband knew of them.  We are going to be moving into a condo (soon I hope).  So we purchased them ahead of time so we would have when needed.


Ed - MO (06Mar2014) I would like to pass along my delight in finally finding a solution to loose knobs on our laundry room door.  Just as advertised, it was easy to understand and install, and best of all it works!!!


Michelle - OH (21Feb2014) The product was exactly what we needed to fix the knob on our laundry room closet door.  The knob gets so much use, it became so loose it made a hole clear thru the door.  Instructions were easy and now that knob is not going anywhere again.




Licensed Builder - Jeff - MI (20Feb2014) I installed Knob Secure spacers in a home last week and the lady was so pleased with how it fixed the door knob.  I have used Knob Secure since 2008 and it has made my business a notch above my competition.


Janine - Ont, CAN (04Jan2014) I installed the Knob Secures and they worked great.


Jeff (22Oct2013) I installed the Knob Secure to fix two wobbly "dummy" handles on my bifold utility closet doors.  Installation of both handles took about 15 minutes including removal of the old anchors, drilling holes and securing the new knobs.  It was simple and the handles are now very solid.  I will be ordering another set for my daughter's closet doors that are having the same problem, and most likely will be ordering multiple times in the future due to the large number of bifold doors with dummy handles in my house.


Dee (18Sep2013) I installed the Knob Secure spacer last evening on my son's bi-fold closet door.  Worked like a charm.  Install was quick - although I didn't have a 1/2" drill bit (the largest I had was a 3/8" bit), but after a little encouragement, the spacer pushed right in.  Thanks so much for your product.


Dennis (04March2013) My wife wanted decorative handles on our closet bi-fold doors, so we googled how to mount them and found your product.  Worked like a charm!  Used 2 spacers on each handle, painted the screws black, ran them from the front to the back and completed the installation with a nut on the back.  I would recommend them to anyone.


Cooper (14July2012) I finally got around to installing the Knob Secure spacers.  They are just the part I needed.  I used two on a double bi-fold closet door and one on a single bi-fold door for my laundry room.  My wife is very pleased with the results since she uses both doors the most.  Great little piece.  Installed without a problem.


Jason (09 September 2012) I found your website when looking around to find a fix for a knob on a bifold door that gets a lot of use in our house.  The screw holding the knob had enlarged the holes on both sides of the door enough that we pulled a washer that we had installed right through into the door.  I ordered the parts to install in all other bufikd doors in our house, all of which had already shown some wear.  I found the installation straightforward and quick, I did 11 knobs in about 30 minutes.  We are quite pleased with the results!  The knobs feel much more solid than originally installed.  Thanks for a great product.



Carole (24June2013) I have to tell you, the spacers are just FABULOUS!! I just installed 4 of them quickly and easily.  I just wanted to through the doors away because no matter what I tried, the knobs would not tighten.  But now ...after installing the knob secure spacers, the knobs are tight as a drum.  I was searching the internet and was so glad I found your You Tube video for your product.  Thank you again!!


Ann (18January2012) I received my order for "Knob Secure" today. Thanks so much! In one word....AMAZING! Amazing that such a simple concept can do such wonders for our bi-fold closet doors. The knobs on our doors were starting to wear a decent size hole through the front of the door. I knew he had an issue when one day, the entire knob and screw came right through the door. During a Google search on how to repair bi-fold doors, I came across your incredible, AMAZING product! Thanks so much!


Daniel (15October2011) We live in Eagle River, Alaska and we installed a Knob Secure spacer on our kitchen pantry bi-fold door.  The knob has always been loose and now it is very tight.


Anita (30 September 2011) Knob Secure is a winner!  I just replaced all the knobs on our closets--8 in all--and it was pretty simple, but the best thing is, it works!  All knobs are now secure after 2+ years of the original knobs being loose.  You can't beat the price!


Dave (in Canada) (22 February 2011) The product works wonderfully.  Easy to install and eliminates the problem altogether.  So glad my brother-in-law let me know about your product and where to find you.  I hope this is a huge success for you.  Given the poor quality of today's bifold doors your Knob Secure spacer is ideal.


Jon (20August2010) I received my Knob Secure on Monday and installed it the same day (fast shipping!). I heard of your product from a Google search. I had been searching for a solution to my loose, spinning, pulling through knobs and finally came across your product. I sure am glad I did because I now have completely secure knobs on two sets of bifold doors. Thanks for manufacturing a simple and effective product like this. I hope you sell lots of them as I'm sure millions of people have bifold doors with loose knobs. I am even installing these on some new bifolds I installed. Keep an eye out for my next order soon. I will gladly tell other homeowners I know about this great solution!


Joel (22March2010) The Knob Secure spacers worked perfectly for me on my Dummy Lever Knobs.  I am very happy that I found your product.  It is a very good product and I would definitely use them again.


Kila (10November 2009) I was at the point of hiring a builder to replace my bi-fold doors to resolve the loose knob problem.  I treid to Knob Secure bushings, they were easy to install and solved my problem at a fraction of the cost.


Linda (28July2009) Hi Paul - Wanted to let you know I installed 11 spacers and I'm thrilled!  I'm so glad we'll have tight knobs for good now!  Thanks again for your help and I'll spread the word about your great product.


Sally (08June2009) We purchased one set of these at a home show to try them out. They were easily installed and eliminated the "loose knob" issue we have had for the last seven years! I just ordered two more packages. Will be presenting this product at our next condo association meeting! GREAT PRODUCT!


Brent (10 April 2009)I stopped into Calgary's Lee Valley tools and showed the manager your product, explaining how we had searched for such a product in their various catalogues and had not found anything like the Knob Secure spacer in speciality hardware stores or in big box stores.  The manager looked at your package and saw quite clearly how thry worked.  They work great, thanks for making them available.


Jennifer (09March2009) Knob Secure is a quality product that was easy to install. Great solution for a problem that everyone seems to have. Highly recommended!


Aaron (13October2008)After living in my new home for 2 years., my bi-fold door knobs became loose and wobbly.  I was able to fix all of the knobs for less than the cost of one replacement door.  The problem has not recurred.


Leroy (20July2008) I have had the spacers in my doors for several months. The door knobs are as tight as the day we installed them. I would recommend anyone to use the Knob Secure spacer as a solution.



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